Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loans For People With Bad Credit - Be Accepted Today

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When it comes to finding loans for people with bad credit, there are more options available than you might think. You will find the these types of loans range in terms, and some may require collateral to be accepted. If you have bad credit your options may be slightly limited, but there are a number of lenders specializing in this kind of loan.

When searching for your bad credit loan you should bear in mind that interest rates are always going to be higher than loans for people with good credit. This is because you are seen as a higher risk than those with a good credit score, so the interest rate is raised to help protect the interests of the lender. If you fail to make your monthly repayments then you could be hit with large penalty fees and extra interest charges!

To stand the best chance of being accepted for a bad credit loan you may need to provide security such as a property, a car or other form of assets, as this will be collateral for the loan. For this reason it is always important to make sure you will be able to make the monthly payments, or else you could find that your property is at risk. However, if you take some time to do your research and you may be able to find an unsecured personal loan option.

The simplest way of finding and applying for loans for people with bad credit is on the Internet. You will also find a lot of information regarding loan requirements and what you will need to do to be approved. Once you have secured a loan be sure to make all your payments on time and you will quickly repair your credit score.
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Get Extremely Bad Credit Loans Today

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Finding extremely bad credit loans with easy approvals can be tough. Traditional lenders will not work with extremely bad credit loans and penalize you for your credit history, but there are private lenders and non traditional loan offers available that provide unsecured no credit check loan programs to people just like you.

Extremely Bad Credit Happens

The credit crisis has increased the numbers of honest hardworking people just like yourself that find themselves faced with the challenges of having extremely bad credit. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, seizures and legal judgements are more common than ever, and many Americans found themselves caught unaware by the turbulent financial markets and economy. Savings have been wiped out, investments have been lost, and to make matters worse, traditional lenders have turned their back on working with people whose credit is bad because of the credit crunch.

If your credit is extremely bad that doesn't mean your financial life should end. Whether you have a sterling clean credit score or the lowest FICO on the planet, credit cards, loans and borrowing is a part of a healthy personal finance plan. People need cars to work, loans for homes, and credit cards to make purchases, in some cases it is required. So where does one turn when traditional banks and lenders will not approve your loan application because of your credit score?

Bad Credit Loans Can Help

Bad credit loans are easy to get approved regardless of your financial history. These lenders factor in other matters for qualification. Extremely bad credit loans are given out each and every day to thousands of honest, hardworking individuals that need to borrow money for pressing financial needs. Qualifying for bad credit loans, typically, is a matter of proving you have a steady income, whether by employment or security checks. There are some payday lenders that will guarantee approvals, no credit check required.
When looking for bad credit loans your path is determined by how extremely bad your credit actually is. If you can qualify for more traditional loans, I would recommend pursuing those financial instruments, as they usually have lower interest rates and longer financing terms. But if your credit is extremely bad and traditional loans are unavailable, you need a starting point to begin to build your credit anew. Personal loans and private credit loans are a great place to start again.

Apply Today

You can apply for multiple offers and the credit lenders will typically provide you with a loan offer detailing how much money they can provide you and at what financing terms. There is no obligation to accept your new loan offer, compare what the lenders can provide and choose the best for your needs. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home, apply today, it's that easy.

Ariel Pryor is a credit expert who counsels and helps people with Really Bad Credit to get the loans and credit cards and begin rebuilding their credit.

If you found this article helpful, let me help you save money and time finding Loans for Bad Credit.
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Need Help Getting a Loan?

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If your loan application is not complete you may be declined for your loan. Lending is tight and banks are looking for any reason to decline your application. The approval for your loan is based off of your credit, financial condition, as well as experience. Credit is one of the most important aspects in receiving a low rate and an approval. This is true for a commercial loans or a surety bond.

Maintaining your credit score is critical

Boost your credit score, by paying your bills on time, and don't over extend your credit. Keep your total balance for each of your credit cards under 30%. Limit unnecessary spending just because you want something doesn't mean you need it. If you have no cash, but credit eventually things will catch up to you.

Having a good credit rating can make or break your company. A few tips for applying for a loan or surety bond.
If you are a new business have a resume prepared before hand as well as a personal financial completed and a start up business financial prepared. Determine how much money you will need to borrow before talking to a banker. Run your credit report 60 to 90 days before applying for a loan.

By doing this you should have ample time to correct any mistakes or issues you may have on your report. Don't just go with one bank shop around for the lowest rate and best terms. Try to avoid collateral and tying up your assets

A Surety Bond is a generic term for all bonds so it can become confusing at times when applying for one. There are many different types of Surety Bonds normally they are required to obtain a specific license. A Surety Bond is a three part agreement , The Principal, Municipality / Private Obligee, and Surety Company. The Principal is the business or individual applying for the surety bond. The Obligge is the one requiring the Surety Bond. The Surety Company is the one writing the surety bond.
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Bringing New Products to Market

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Otherwise known as the idea train, an entrepreneurs' way if thinking is her biggest strength and, if not carefully managed, could be her biggest curse.

I probably have a new idea every day. And at the time I have it, I usually get so excited that I think it's the next best thing. In mind, at that time, I have just made Steve Jobs look like an amateur.
Ok Dave - whatever...

But, at the same time, some of my ideas are pretty good. I wouldn't have a successful business if they weren't. And of course, some of my ideas are....let's say, put on hold.

If I actually acted on all my ideas, my company would have imploded a long time ago. One can stretch a company too thin where it begins to lose focus. I started in this direction a few years ago. A member of my team made a comment to me that was very enlightening. She said, "I feel as though lately we are growing like a shrub instead of a tree."

It was a very powerful statement and made me think about pruning the shrub so we can grow like a tree again. And we have.

Now when I have ideas, I present them to my managers first to flesh them out. This can be a frustrating experience because entrepreneurs and managers think differently, thank God. If he's smart, the entrepreneur has surrounded himself with detailed managers who can say no to him when appropriate. Most entrepreneurs don't like their ideas to be grilled and possibly put on hold or nixed for the benefit of the company. So, he will give his managers the right to set him straight if the idea is not the best for the company at that time; or needs to be altered/killed.

Of course, I can do whatever I want within my own company. But in my mind, it's not my own company. If I don't have the buy in from management and the rest of the team the idea will never take shape.

So here is my 10 step plan on how to entrepreneurs can deal with their ideas:

1) Marry well. Your spouse should be the first one to tell you if the idea has merit or if you're smoking something. You can save your team a lot of time if your spouse can nix the idea first. My wife has a special talent to see through my special"forest" and if I am in "DaveLand" with one of my ideas, she'll let me know. "DaveLand" is actually a great place! The sky is red and there is fun everywhere (and great food), but it's not for everybody...

2) Hire well. It's obvious, but some ego maniacs surround themselves with minion-like people. I have empowered my team to challenge me and let me know when I am getting off course. If I did not do this years ago, my idea train could have derailed the company.

3) Develop a process to discuss ideas with your management team. Form a R&D committee or just have a discussion at your weekly manager meeting

4) Explain the opportunity or problem to solve and see what they come up with first.

5) Present your thoughts at a very high level. Don't get tactical yet. Just the 50,000 foot view.

6) Be calm. Don't try to "sell" your idea. Stick to discussing the opportunity in a calm, rational way and let the conversation flow. If your managers feel they are being sold an idea, their BS meter may go off. This could really change the direction of the discussion.

7) Ask them to pitch the idea back to you. Then ask, "What does it look like when we, as a company, execute this idea really well and so that it doesn't strain the company?"

8) On a white board, brainstorm all the reasons why you shouldn't move forward with the idea. Then, list all the reason why it's a good idea.

9) Listen half as much as you talk.

10) Be ready to walk away from the idea, or alter it.

It seems like a lot to go though, I know. Many entrepreneurs might be reading this and saying, "Bull! The reason I started a business is to do whatever I want, whenever I want!" That may work if you are a one man show. But if you have people working for you, you'd be smart to rely on their intelligence to guide you. Hopefully, that's a big reason why you hired them.

Another big reason to go through this process is the actual execution of the idea. Traditionally, entrepreneurs are builders of ideas but not always great at seeing them through. You'll need your team to embrace the idea if you expect them to execute it well.

Bottom line; make sure you allow really great passengers on your idea train who can help you drive.

Enjoy your ride.
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business to business telemarketing loans

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Secure loans are simpler to be obtained and safer as they are given against assets that are held as collaterals such as cars or any form of property. Most people prefer secure loans as they come with lower interest rates and with a longer repayment period. Only in case of prolonged default repayments will the creditor repossess the collateral after numerous reminders. Secure loans can be obtained by anyone as long as he has an asset as collateral. Most of them have more flexible and debtor friendly terms.

There are few facts one should seriously consider before applying for a loan and should look into all possibilities of getting the loan or being refused a loan. With this you will get a fair amount of idea whether are you eligible for a loan or not?

Firstly, why do you need a loan, is it your spending habits, is it your lifestyle, will getting a loan solve your problem or will it further put you under a strain. Next, you should look for whether you can afford to repay the loan on monthly basis without any hassle and it should not have bad repercussions in your daily life.

You should have a secure job that will enable you to make monthly repayments and have backup plans to repay your loans if you lose your job. This indebtedness should not further burden your dependants. You should have an asset to be set as collateral against the loan to obtain a secure loan that gives you the advantage of an extended repayment period. You should look for getting the lowest interest rate in the market as the rates vary depending from each financer or banking institution. If your loan application is rejected you should have other options to resolve your financial crisis. If required you should take the guidance of a debt advisor from any debt consolidation company
or institutions. In the end you should always know what would happen if you are unable to pay of your loans and how would you cope if your assets or collaterals are repossessed.secure
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Proper Appraisal and Alarm Installation For Car Insurance Savings

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If you are currently paying too much for auto insurance, consider lowering your coverage by decreasing the amount of coverage you have and assuming an increased risk factor.

If you have an car that is worth less than $2500, it is likely that you are paying your insurance company more than the value of the vehicle. Check with the Blue Book value or have a reputable expert appraise it for you. Then, calculate the amount you pay per year in auto insurance. If the auto insurance amount is greater than the appraisal, you may want to assume the higher risk to bring down the cost. This is especially effective if you are a safe driver.

Some auto insurance companies allow you to customize your policy, so that you only pay for the coverage you desire. If you are a good driver and have a perfect or near-perfect record, you could request a higher deductible, which would reduce your premium. For example, you could choose to bite the bullet and pay for minor damages to your vehicle, while at the same time letting the insurance company cover any major damages caused by accidents.

Keep in mind when customizing your policy and/or assuming a higher risk that auto insurance prices are partially determined by statistical data. For example, cars which are stolen often will have higher premiums; cars that are costly to repair or are in for repairs often will have higher premiums.

By customizing your insurance coverage, you will soon see yourself with extra cash in your pocket in a relatively short period of time.

In today's economy more and more people are trying to save money. Car insurance is a big expense in many houses. There are a few ways you can save money on your auto insurance. One way is to have all the drivers in your family in the same policy. Many companies offer some type of discount if you have more then one auto policy. Some companies even offer a discount if you have a home owner's insurance policy with them. These are the most obvious.

If you have a teenager, bad driver, or someone in your house who got arrested for drinking and driving, it may be cheaper NOT to have them on your policy. You will pay extra to cover them. Do your research and check it out. Some people register their cars in towns or states where they have a second home and the rates are lower. This does work and will save you money

If you pay your whole policy cost up front for the year you get a discount. If there are not giving one ask why? Many companies do offer this. The insurance world is a business so don't be scared to ask for a discount on things or why you are being charged for something.
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Investing During Bear Markets..

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What Drives Bull and Bear Markets?

What causes bull and bear markets? They are partly a result of the supply and demand for securities. Investor psychology, government involvement in the economy and changes in economic activity also drive the market up or down. These forces combine to make investors bid higher or lower prices for stocks.

To qualify as a bull or bear market, a market must have been moving in its current direction (by about 20% of its value) for a sustained period. Small, short-term movements lasting days do not qualify; they may only indicate corrections or short-lived movements. Bull and bear markets signify long movements of significant proportion.

Investing During Bull Markets

A key to successful investing during a bull market is to take advantage of the rising prices. For most, this means buying securities early, watching them rise in value and then selling them when they reach a high. However, as simple as it sounds, this practice involves timing the market. Since no one knows exactly when the market will begin its climb or reach its peak, virtually no one can time the market perfectly. Investors often attempt to buy securities as they demonstrate a strong and steady rise and sell them as the market begins a strong move downward.

Investing During Bear Markets

Successful investing in bear markets can involve many different strategies. Some investors try to secure their assets in less volatile securities such as fixed-income bonds or money market securities. Others wait for the downward trend of prices to subside. When it does, they begin buying. Still others seek to take advantage of the falling prices.

When the market goes down, portfolios with a greater percentage of bonds and cash fare well because their returns are fixed. Many financial advisors emphasize the value of fixed income and cash equivalent investments during market downturns.

Another strategy is to simply wait for the downward prices to reverse themselves. Investors who wish to remain invested in stocks may seek out companies in industries that perform well in both bull and bear markets -- shares in these companies are called defensive stocks. The food industry, utilities, debt collection and telecommunications are popular defensive stocks. However, here is no guarantee that a defensive stock will perform well during any market period.
Finally, some investors attempt to exploit profits from the downward price movements. One method is to sell at the beginning of a downward turn, when prices are still high. Proponents of this strategy wait for prices to bottom out before reinvesting in the market. However, as simple as it sounds, this process involves the nearly impossible task of timing the market. Another, more complicated way to attempt to profit from falling prices is called selling short.
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Home Loans: Step By Step

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Sitting back and assuming that the home loan process is going off without a hitch is one of the surest ways to find yourself in a heap of trouble. Savvy Australian home buyers educate themselves about the home loan process so they can serve as an added layer of defense against problems.

Step One - The Documents - To initiate the process, you need to provide all of the required documentation and a signed application to your mortgage broker. Make sure to have him or her clearly state precisely what you need to give them in order to avoid confusion or delays.

Step Two - Submission Of Home Loan Application - Having looked over your documents, information and application, your mortgage broker will submit your application to a lender offering the kind of loan you're interested in. Your broker will confirm that your application has been successfully submitted.

Step Three - The Lender's Business - Prior to looking through your application, the lender in question will conduct a credit check and obtain other applicable data about you to gain an ideal about your creditworthiness.

Step Four - Application Assessment - The lender makes a careful assessment of your loan application. As long as everything checks out, a conditional approval should be reached.

Step Five - Notification Of Assessment - Whether your application is approved or denied, the lender will let your broker know; your broker will then pass the information along to you. If a hiccup occurs and your loan application is denied, your broker should let you know why - and whether more information is needed.

Step Six - Property Inspection - The valuer has the property in question inspected, writes a report then submits it.

Step Seven - Property Valuation - After the valuation inspection of the property has been completed and the associated report filed, your broker will advise you that the valuation has been received and held.

Step Eight - Wrapping Up The Loan - If no mortgage insurance is necessary, your lender should issue and inform you of unconditional home loan approval, then draw up contracts. If insurance is required, a formal sign off from the mortgage insurer will be necessary.

Step Nine - Loan Process Complete - Assuming the mortgage insurer successfully signs off, an unconditional home loan approval will be issued. You will be informed of this by your mortgage broker. Next up: settlement!
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Guide in Looking for Business Credit Card Deals

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Searching for the best business credit card deal
seems like not an easy task. How will you start looking for the perfect one? How can you compare them effectively? Here's your guide in comparing and finding the right card for you.

Credit Card Review Sites Can Help You

Type in the words "business credit card reviews" and you'll come across a number of credit card review websites in your screen. How can these credit card review websites help you? The credit cards presented on these sites are often arranged according to their purpose. If you're looking for a list of business credit cards in the market, all you have to do is check the site's credit cards' section.

Under this section, the cards may be categorized according to its credit requirements or the rewards they offer. If you have excellent credit, go ahead and check on the one that require excellent credit and if you have bad credit, then you can go straight to the list of secured business credit cards instead.

The card may offer rewards like Frequent Flier Miles Program, Gas Rewards, Cash Back Rewards and other types reward programs. You can go check the list of business credit cards that offer the reward you want. The good thing, credit card review sites find a way to save your time in comparing the credit cards, they are narrowing down your choices of cards to just a few.

What Factors to Compare

Don't forget that credit card review sites will often just present the best and the weakest features of each card. It is up to you to check the card official website, read the entire agreement so you can better compare your choices. But what factors should affect your choice?

Of course, the interest rate offered will most likely be the first thing to catch your interest. Yes, you want a business credit card with a low APR but remember that the interest rate isn't the only fee you should check on. Don't forget to check the penalty costs, the credit limit, the length of the grace period, and the transaction fees it offers. Read the agreement because the true costs of the card are disclosed in the fine print and list down the cost for comparison.

After weighing the rates and fees, you should also consider the specific features that you can use for your business. You'll want a card that will provide you with detailed monthly statements as well as quarterly and yearly account summaries. A business card with an online access option is also indispensable as this enables you to keep track of your account without hassle.

Will you be provided with a liability prot
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Inside The Mind Of A Telecommuting Employer!

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I recently had an employer advertise her job in my newsletter and it got me wondering what employers are thinking when the applicants start flooding in. After speaking with her I was able to get some really valuable feedback and I wanted to share that with you.

“Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms in your cover letter and resume. Or at least spell it out in the first instance and give the abbreviation in parenthesis. For example, Medical Transcription (MT)” Linda S.

This is a great tip. I think many of us do abbreviate and we might not always remember to spell everything out in our cover letters and résumés, but it is important that we do.

“Don't respond to a variety of ads by sending one email to numerous CC addresses.” Linda S.

You know I had no idea that anyone was doing this. Since I’m not an employer, I don’t have an inside view on things. I would highly suggest that if you’re doing this you do as Linda suggests and not send out a mass email to many recipients. At the VERY least make sure it’s a blind carbon copy, but I always suggest customizing each cover letter, résumé, and email to each job/company.

“If you are claiming "attention to detail" as one of your skills, make sure your cover letter and resume are free of typos and misspellings” Linda S.

I couldn’t agree more. When applying for a job you need to ALWAYS make sure it’s on point and you don’t have typos or misspellings. Especially if the job requires attention to detail, but even if it doesn’t you should follow this “rule” when applying to any job.

“Make sure your cover letter sounds enthusiastic about the job prospect.” Linda S.

I agree. I think that anything you can do to express your enthusiasm (in a professional manner) is a plus. I’m sure employers receive many boring emails/cover letters and when one comes over that is not only professional, but enthusiastic and has your personality in it, then that is very refreshing.

“Tailor your skill summary to the advertised job. Mention specific skills that apply to the job and leave out the skills that don't apply.” Linda S.

How glad I am to see that the advice I’ve been giving for years is truly what employers like to see. I’ve always said this and it’s now enforced by Linda. If you’re not doing this yet, start doing it right now!

“Don't burn bridges. When you receive a letter saying you didn't get the job, send a polite reply asking that your information be kept on file and express your interest in being considered for future openings. There is nothing to be gained by voicing any anger or resentment at not being chosen.” Linda S

I’m sad to know that this must have happened to her at some point in time. Please remember to always remain professional and friendly when communicating with an employer EVEN if you didn’t receive the job. You just never know when they will need to hire someone again and if you send an unprofessional and even hateful email then you can be sure you will never be considered for that job or any other job with that company again.

I hope this glimpse into the mind of an employer will open your eyes to what you should and should not be doing when applying and communicating with an employer. Remember to always remain professional and friendly – it will get you where you want to go.
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Las Vegas Jobs

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Las Vegas core industry is, as you might expect, the hotels and casinos. Though many people believe that these Las Vegas jobs are plentiful, they are actually quite competitive. Still, a person new to Las Vegas can do some things to assist in finding those Las Vegas jobs in the hotel and casino industry.

If you are a newcomer to the Las Vegas area an looking for Las Vegas jobs in the hotel/casino industry, you should probably try to start with off-strip casinos to gain experience and break into the industry. On the whole, strip-based casino owners will not give novice hotel/casino workers a chance, so looking for off-strip Las Vegas jobs can help you gain the experience and exposure you need to get a job on the more lucrative strip. Not only will these off-strip Las Vegas jobs give you experience, but they also allow you to get to know more “regulars” in Vegas. Many locals’ casinos draw regular clientele, while the strip hotels tend to draw tourists.

Again, if you are looking for Las Vegas jobs on the famous strip, you will need significant experience. However, you need to start somewhere. Many hotel/casino employers may hire you if you have a good work history, even if you do not have hotel/casino experience. Las Vegas jobs in hotels and casinos are easily learned through training, so employers look for you to be reliable and have a good attitude. In fact, some casino and hotel hiring managers often look for people who have no experience so that they come in with no judgments. If you go looking for Las Vegas jobs, whether off-strip or on the strip, you should bring with you a detailed and accurate employment history.

As you continue to look for Las Vegas jobs in the hotel/casino industry, you will probably be invited to interview with various employers. There are some things you need to do when you interview for these Las Vegas jobs. For instance, you need to go into your interview with a smile and a positive attitude. Many of these Las Vegas jobs in hotels and casinos require you to have a lot of contact with clientele, and if you cannot be positive in your interview, you most likely will not be positive on the job. You should also plan to take a drug test when you interview for these Las Vegas jobs, as most hotel/casino employers have drug-free environment policies. Dress neatly and professionally for your interview or audition, as many employers for Las Vegas jobs look for people who are taking the opportunity seriously.

Some of the most popular Las Vegas jobs are the ones where you will receive tips, and they are often the most sought after. Many people some seeking Las Vegas jobs that receive tips thinking that they will be dealing with high rollers that tip big, but usually you will start off on shifts and in hotels or casinos where the tips are not that large. Many people starting off in these Las Vegas jobs usually have to get a second job at first to make ends meet.
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Tips For A Successful Local Job Search

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If you are seriously searching for a local job, but you have no idea where to look, you may be just one of the thousands of unemployed people in the country. However, finding a job is easy when you know where to search.

Where can you find employers? How can you find your desired local job?

Before anything else, you should determine your skills and abilities, update your resume and be ready to face the employment process. There are several options on where to find employment.

1) Job Center: Job centers provide numerous vacancies for different kinds of work. Majority of job centers update their employment board frequently.

Originally, these career centers cater to young jobseekers up to 21 years old. They arrange for appropriate job interviews, which they believe, would match your skills and abilities. Some job centers also process training vacancies and apprenticeships to young people. Today, these centers also cater adults’ need of employment.

2) Newspapers: Local and national newspapers, non-profit papers and job hunting newspapers provide advertisements on current job vacancies. You could find all the existing newspapers in libraries and check all the recent job postings.

Majority of newspapers today have their content available online. You could browse through them one by one and list all the jobs you prefer.

3) Journals and magazines: Every industry has their own periodicals, magazines or journals. Most employers go to these publications for employing professionals. Some could be bought in magazine stands and others come by subscription. Therefore, if you are hoping to establish your career based on your finished field of study, you could subscribe to a professional magazine and increase your local job prospects.

4) Agencies: Employment agencies handle most of vacant local work. Covering all kinds of work for various industries, these agencies are listed in local directories and Yellow pages.

5) Employer grounds: Many companies have job vacancies on their premises. Since these companies such as food retailers make use of internal notice boards, they do not advertise in newspapers and agencies. You could walk into these companies and ask the front desk for employment vacancies.

6) Internet: The most cost-effective way in finding local jobs is through the internet. Majority of employment agencies, newspapers, top companies, magazines and job centers have their own website. You could save time by searching through them one by one and apply for the job you prefer the most.

Making use of all these options could save you a lot of time searching for your desired local job. You could use all of these methods simultaneously to increase your chances of employment.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama's Federal Loan Modification

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ankruptcy is looming in the air and you feel like you can't avoid it. You already know that this will take away all of your credit and it will take at least seven years to even start getting it back. It's not really something that you want to do because living without credit is extremely difficult, but so is making the payments when you have to sacrifice things that your family needs. This is a tough situation to be in. The Federal Government wants to help you out of this situation, but you have to apply for it first. What is it you ask?

It is the Federal loan modification program that Obama has put 75 billion dollars into so that between five and six million families like yours will not lose everything to bankruptcy or your home to foreclosure. The government knows that there are loads of people experiencing the same problem and wants to assist you.

There are some qualifications before being awarded acceptance into the program of course. It all depends on the date of your loan which must be before January 2009. The loan has to be on your primary lived-in residence and can only have a limited amount owing on the principle depending on the type of home. For example, a one-unit home is permitted to have $729,250 owing.

After receiving acceptance, you will have a lower monthly payment that the government will assist you with, a lower interest rate, and a portion on the principle removed every year, also compliments of Obama's crew. The length of terms will depend on the payment amount every month and can be extended to up to 40 years if necessary. To apply, check the Federal Government website.
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First Film, Games and Mobile Business Network

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The International business network gafimo.net -
the mobile, film, games network launches today in
germany. Matthias Pieper, 23, CEO of gafimo.net
is on the move to find as many professionals from
the mobile content, film and games-development
branches as possible to bring them together. "It
is clear that these industries have to work
together in the future" Pieper says. He knows,
what he´s talking about: after years of working
on the games workforce (giga, etc.) he has
studied film production and often finds himself
between the branches. "Those people are working
on the same topics, using similiar software,
storytellingtools, and so on" he says, "but
hardly know each other and therefore can´t be of
help to one another". Also Pieper believes that
since the devices of games, mobile and film are
merging (playstations, PCs, etc) there has to be
a business-network to combine these industries.
More info´s and free registrations (restricted to
pros) at www.gafimo.net
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How to Stay Connected to Your Network

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As a working mom, you may already feel overwhelmed, juggling dual responsibilities of work and family. When it comes to networking – yet another task – you may feel that “the time I’ve spent at networking has never really paid off.”

Creating a personal and professional network is essential for your work + life success. That’s why working moms need to approach networking with a different paradigm, explained below as a three-part process.

Relationship Building
Networking isn’t just about collecting business cards from people you think may help you. It’s about planting seeds and nurturing long-term relationships that mature over time.

As a mom, you may understand this process well because it calls upon the same nurturing skills you already use with your family.

Empowering Actions
How many times have you attended networking events and seen others jabber on about themselves and frantically hand out dozens, if not hundreds, of their cards? This frenetic approach only makes them look weak. As a working mom, draw on that “Mommy” authority to engage in empowering, networking actions.

They include:
* Give – Adopt a giving attitude. When you meet someone ask, “How can I help you?” Always think, “Who could I connect them with to help them meet their goals?” It’s a natural principle: The more you help others, the more others will help you.

* Ask – Be bold. Always think, “you never know what will happen” and “it’s worth a try.” If you meet a new contact and find you have an instant connection, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

* Follow up - Getting introduced to the “right” people is important, but it’s what you do after the introduction that really counts. If you’ve felt a connection with a new contact, phone, email or send a thank-you note within one or two days. Then, keep in touch periodically, even if just to say, “Hi, it’s been awhile…”

Efficient Use of Time
You may be thinking, “I’d like to stay connected with people, but I just don’t have the time.” Here are three ways to efficiently find time to network:

* Lunch Hours – I’ve historically used my lunch hour, a coveted ME time, to run errands, walk a mile or two or get my hair or nails done. Yet, many associations and groups schedule networking meetings during this time. So, I began to add networking lunches. It’s a great way to preserve early-morning and evening family hours by substituting networking lunches for breakfast meetings or evening mixers!

* “Coffee/lunch over the phone” – My business partner, Jo Della Penna, introduced me to the idea of networking by scheduling “coffee over the phone”. What a great idea! This is a more efficient way to meet. Plus, neither party has to invest in driving time. When you want to spend time with a colleague, try a relaxing “lunch over the phone” by scheduling a lunch appointment, packing a lunch that day and calling at the appointed time.

* Schedule in advance - Earmark your calendar to remind yourself to re-connect with a contact periodically. If you meet a new contact today, schedule the follow up call for two days later and plan a “check-in” email within 60 days.

Remember, the key to networking is building a relationship over time. By using the steps above you should succeed at establishing good relationships that empower you and your business, and yet, don’t use hours and hours of your time.
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Work Your Network

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re you finding that your networking efforts are wearing you out - and your network does not seem to be growing? Here are the myths that must be disspelled so that you can spend quality time - not quantity time - on building your professional network.

If you’re networking with strangers, you’re wasting your time. A consultant friend of mine recently complained, “I’m doing 2-3 networking events a week – and I’m worn out.” When I asked why she felt networking was important, she replied, “One of my marketing goals is to do at least 1 networking event a week.” (I pointed out that she just admitted to doing 2-3 a week – and perhaps doing 1 a week is smart and doing triple that goal is causing some of the fatigue.) But there’s much more to the great American business myth of networking.

Myth 1: The more you network, the more effective your networking activities become.

Truth 1: It’s much more important to become well-known in 1-2 circles than to spread your networking activities over many different groups. Depth beats breadth every time.

I then asked her how networking was working for her. She said, “I don’t think I have gotten a shred of business out of it in the last six months.” Her rationale for doing networking: “Everybody knows that you build a business by networking!” Does this make any sense? Or worse, does it sound familiar?

See if this networking scenario has happened to you:

You meet someone for 30 seconds. They mumble something about real estate as you are tuning them out. They ask you what you do, and you say you are in insurance. After 10 seconds of staring blankly at each other, you both head to the celery sticks for lack of anything better to do.

Myth 2: The cocktails and miniature wiener circuit is the way to network to success

Truth 2: Networking with strangers to build business is about as effective as going to a bar to get married. In the words of Dr. Phil, “It simply ain’t gonna happen that way.”

Here’s why you’re not going to meet your business soul mate at a networking event:

1) You aren’t going to do business with someone after meeting them for a few minutes and getting handed a poorly printed card.

2) Businesses are built on relationships and not “30-second commercials,” no matter how effective and intriguing.

3) Most of us have major trouble in explaining what we do, much less getting past that explanation and listening for what prospects need.

4) Networking with strangers is not targeted or specific and in fact is completely random. For some people, networking is exactly as effective as cold calling, which is the least effective marketing tool there is.

So am I saying that networking is a waste of time? Absolutely not. What I’m saying is you need to start networking smarter.

Here are a few thoughts to jog your noggin:

* Network by having coffee or lunch with people one on one. Get to know them and their business. They may become a prospect, alliance partner, or referral source. But aim first and foremost to make them a friend. The rest will follow naturally.

* If you’re going to network with strangers, go with the goal of making 2-3 lunch or coffee dates with people you find interesting.

* Ask every happy customer you have (they’re all happy, right?) for just one referral of someone who would be interested in your type of goods or services, then call and use their name. (“Hi I’m Fred and Ginger said I should call you. Isn’t Ginger great?”) You already have one thing in common – Ginger!

* Create a network “hit list” of the exact kind of businesses you want to network with – maybe you sell software and you want to meet IT managers at medium-size companies. Make the list and put it in your little black book or PDA. Focus your networking and outreach activities on only those people – or others who can refer you to those people.

* Join non-business groups and spend time doing non-business activities: Civic, social, religious, recreational, musical, athletic... the list is endless. Establish relationships with people in your group. Perhaps you’re a Moose and a realtor. A Moose, as it turns out, wants to by a house from another Moose. If so, you have the Moose Market cornered! Are you into hand-drumming. Guess what? A hand-drummer will want to do business with another hand-drummer. Get it?

* If you do go to a “mixer” go with a targeted goal in mind. For example, your goal might be “to meet three people on my target list and get their card so I can follow up for breakfast, lunch, coffee or badminton.” A traditional “networking event” now becomes simply the first phase of your targeted plan for global domination, and not an end in itself.

Here’s a final thought to shake up your networking mindset: Network with people who already know you, like you, or have done business with you.

Myth 3: Networking is all about getting more people to know what you do.

Truth 3: Networking is all about getting people that already know you to share opportunities where you can be helpful to each other.

Make 2-3 phone calls a day to connect with people from past jobs, former clients, or influential people who have expressed interest in you in the past.

We all have a “fan base” that we grossly underutilize.

Think about tapping into friends, colleagues, mentors, and family to mine the connections you already have at your fingertips.

So get out there and network – but make it worth your investment of time and energy by networking smart. As your mother always said, “Don’t network with strangers.”
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Do I Find Flight Status?

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re you wondering "how do I find flight status"? Well, there's more than one place that you can find this valuable information, especially when you're picking someone up at the airport or you're traveling by air yourself. Most all airline companies that carry commercial passengers have a place to go inside all airports to find flight status. Flight status, of course, means whether or not a plane is delayed, on time, and at what gate that plane will arrive at the particular airport that you have chosen.

One airline company that has this information online, and, by no means is it the only airline company that has this type of information, is Frontier Airlines, frontierairlines.com. You can go online and use the search engine available at Frontier Airlines to find out about any flight by selecting the date of the flight, inputting the flight number, and inputting additional flight numbers, if you have them.

This online service is offered by other companies as well, and it is easy to check out whether those companies have this service online. All airline companies have to have this service posted at airports from which they take off and land, as well, inside the airport.
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What to Look for in an Investment Newsletter

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Investment newsletters can be a great asset to have for generating new ideas, however many are absolute rubbish. Obviously, not all investment newsletters are created equal so here are some guidelines to help guide you as you're looking for a source of ideas and advice:

* The newsletter should have a documented, proven track record
* The newsletter should not be free
* It should contain fresh, well-written articles
* It should have a free trial
* The newsletter should offer a satisfaction guarantee (30 days or similar)

Search engines are also a powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to checking out the legitimacy and history of a stock market newsletter. Spend some time searching around and see what turns up before subscribing to any advisory publication.
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Tips for Fixing Your Credit Rating

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Confused about your credit rating and need to find out what's wrong with it so you can fix it? There are several books and articles out in the marketplace now for people to use to repair their credit. Have you ever been surprised when you applied for credit somewhere and something comes up on the report that you never knew existed before? Or maybe you do know that something exists on your credit report, but you just don't know how to fix it. Here are some tips by credit repair experts for people to begin fixing their own credit rating up now.

* Believe it or not, there is actually an article written by Tyrone O. Lindsay called "Credit Find Fix It Rating - What's Wrong, Let's Begin Now". The article gives tips on do-it-yourself-credit-fixing systems that people have used to repair terrible credit within three to five years and put a stop to the downhill slide that a partially bad credit rating many times produces. This online article contains links to other articles that include many helpful finance/credit topics that are covered to help people with their personal financial situations.
* At get-best-mortgage-loan.com, there are several articles and useful links that can be used to find helpful information on repairing your own credit rating.
* At shopping.aol.com, you can purchase a book called "The Guerilla Guide to Credit Repair," where the authors promise to help people find out what's wrong with their credit and then give advice on how to fix it.
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Worldwide Holiday Insurance: Travel Safe While Travelling To Aborad

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Accidents can happen at any point of time. To obtain the holiday insurance can be highly beneficial for the individual as it provide life protection and cover all the risk of your funds while travelling nationally or internationally. In the market, there are various forms of holiday insurance. All may have specific period as well as provide various destinations. If anyone is required to spend their holidays internationally then it would be good option to avail Worldwide Holiday Insurance policy. With this holiday policy cover you will be covered with the maximum risks while travelling and will be compensating for your every loss.

For the regular travelers who are planning for a vacation trip, the online means would be really helpful to have updated information for the Worldwide Holiday Insurance policy. Also this will help you to know what are different companies are offering to you. On the internet, there are several of plans with different rates as well as facilities which help you to pick the best one. Below are mentioned some important features that the international policy covers for its customers:

Journey all over the world.

Compensation for the luggage delay or damage.

Cover all winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating etc.

24 hours of emergency helpline.

Recovery for medical problem.

Hence to procure the world wide holiday policy would be good and will cover all your unexpected mishaps and even match to your financial plan requirements.
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Women Get The Best Deals On Insurance

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It’s a strange fact of life but, when it comes to driving, men feel threatened by women. Ask the average man about how well women drive and you’re likely to get a stream of negatives. Yet, when you ask the insurance industry, you get a completely opposite reply. On every factual test, women drive more safely than men and have way fewer accidents. Why is there this big disconnect?

All the evidence shows that women drive more slowly and obey all those annoying laws and regulations designed to maximize the chance of arriving at their destination in one piece. So even if a woman driver is unlucky enough to get into an accident, the lower speed and the defensive driving style means fewer injuries and less damage to the vehicles. Now add in some of those stereotypes. Women are more likely to buy less powerful cars. They are less interested in status and do not invest in “babe magnets” (sorry, that should be “hunk magnets”). So however an insurance company looks at the evidence, women drivers are less likely to be involved in serious accidents. That means their premiums are usually significantly lower than those payable by men of comparable age and driving experience.

It’s attenuate to acquisition a boilerplate that’s so far removed from reality. In best cases, belief and prejudices are absolutely bound in geography. Yet the alertness to apish women drivers campaign about the world. Whether you’re in China, India or the US, men debris to acquiesce women to drive them and accomplish jokes about their “poor” active skills. This goes far above the accepted sexism and gender prejudices. It seems active is such a acutely blowing activity, women are not declared to breach into this macho preserve.

So, how do we apperceive active is a macho thing? Well, you alone accept to go on to the roads. Men drive fast and can be aggressive. It’s like all drivers are in a chase to get from A to B. That agency never giving way, blame the absolute back it comes to overtaking, demography affairs back abutting turns and junctions, and bold laws and regulations do not apply. The result? Added cartage accidents. Added importantly, because the boilerplate acceleration advancing into a blow is higher, added bodies are actively afflicted and the accident to the cartage is decidedly greater.
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Auto Insurance Rate – You Will Be Grateful For These Tips

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There is no need going into the definition of an auto insurance rate mean and what it does not mean. But it will interest you to know that several vehicle owners purchase coverage for their vehicles without observing some critical issues. Theses issues are responsible for the reason why a good number of them get theirs at very high prices.

If you are gluttonous the best admonition to advice you acquirement affordable auto coverage, again all you charge to do is to booty your time and abstain any anatomy of haste. This is actual important because the achievement that you will charge to conduct an accelerated analysis if you absolutely appetite to get the best. Researching your auto allowance options, will not alone advice you get the best deal; it will appropriately appearance case you as an abreast customer, back it comes to purchasing the policy.

Above all you charge to apperceive how to carryout the analysis and what to chase for. Hence, one of the aboriginal things you should do back it comes to accepting the ideal auto allowance amount is to acquisition a acclaimed allowance provider. This way you are abiding to get a favorable car allowance quote. Because the achievement that such allowance companies accept been in the business for absolutely a continued time and they apperceive how best to amusement bodies like you. Beside this there is one added affair you charge apperceive back because allowance advantage for your car.

Do you apperceive that auto continued assurance is altered from auto insurance? So you charge additionally conduct a absolute analysis about assertive agreement and allowance jargons that ability abash you and which you ability be shy to ask for description for.

Well, as apparent as this ability be it will amaze you to anticipate that a acceptable cardinal of would be action holders still can’t analyze amid the two. In achievement this may absolutely not be an affair because the achievement that the allowance provider you are ambidextrous with ability acceptable advice you as chump affliction account are advised to advice bright what anytime that ability angle your way.

Nevertheless, you don’t accept to booty chances, back they may not apperceive what you absolutely want, except you are able-bodied articulate. If you charge know, an auto continued assurance is added of agent account arrangement than car insurance. Therefore, ensure you are able-bodied of what auto allowance amount is so as to anticipate accepting issues with the aggregation or accepting the amiss service.
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Healthcare -your Choice

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With private healthcare you're in charge. Depending on the level of cover which you choose you can pick the hospital you prefer to be treated in. This means it's one which is convenient to you and suits your family's needs.

You'll get far faster access to specialist than you would if you joined the NHS queue and if you need treatment you don't have to worry about laying out large sums of money for treatment. It's amazing just how much you'd have to pay for even simple procedures if you chose to go privately without the back-up of health insurance.

The standard of care and accommodation is really top-class. Patients just wouldn't choose to be treated there if this was not the case and word soon gets around if people are not impressed with something. Normally you're nursed in private rooms with good standards of cleanliness and the rooms and meals are hotel standard. If specialised drugs are part of your recommended treatment then you'll receive them - whereas in the NHS system there are often rationing issues and often it depends in which area you live as to the drugs you can obtain.

NHS waiting times vary depending on the area you're in but it's not unusual for them to be up to 18 weeks. Those with private medical are seen, treated, recovered and have almost forgotten about it all in that time. Time matters when you're leading a busy life and if the condition is worrying you, then by seeing a specialist and finding exactly what the position is, you'll have the security of knowing that you'll be diagnosed in the shortest possible time.

There are various options when it comes to the type of plan you choose. There's individual or family cover and you can choose from budget plans through to a complete comprehensive policy. You may choose to pay to a certain point, say for out-patient or diagnostic treatment, but to be covered should you need further in-patient or operative care. If you choose to have your treatment at the very top private hospitals, then you can expect to pay the top prices for your policy.

There are other ways of keeping the cost under control. If you limited the choice of hospitals or agreed that a portion of the claim would be met by you this could result in a reduction in the premium. No-claims bonuses are offered by some insurers.

Private health insurance doesn't mean that you'll never have to use the NHS. They're still there to provide the emergency service when someone is suddenly taken ill or has an accident. Beyond these situations, however, the private health system can get you the care that you need much more speedily and you can choose when and where you receive this.

When you first apply for medical insurance, it's quite usual for the insurer to ask for details of your medical history. It's really important that you are completely open with them on this matter, disclosing details of all illnesses. If you happen to make a claim in the future, your doctor will be asked for additional information and if they find you've been less than truthful in your answers, it could result in the claim being contested. If you do have a medical condition that you think might affect your cover, don't let it deter you from asking for a quotation for insurance. It could be that the insurer will exclude that condition from your cover or you may find it's something they're not concerned about. The important thing is that you have not concealed anything.

Do compare health insurance quotes - don't assume they're all the same. Find an independent adviser by going on-line and let them come up with some of the best quotes for your needs - at the right price.

Do compare health insurance quotes - don't assume they're all the same. Find an independent adviser by going on-line and let them come up with some of the best quotes for your needs - at the right price.
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First Party Diminished Value Claim

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How can you tell if you are entitled to receive a settlement for diminished value under your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage? Due to increasing litigation in the area of first party diminished value, there has arisen some confusion on this subject. Since this subject can be complicated and since I want this article to be as informative and useful as possible, I am going to limit the information to Texas. This doesn't mean that your State is not exactly the same as Texas, it just means that for sure, this is how it works in Texas. You would have to get a copy of your policy and thoroughly read the language in the uninsured/underinsured portion. So let's jump right in and address the title question:

1) The uninsured/underinsured portion of the standard Texas auto policy lays out the insuring agreement part as follows: (according to the Insurance Services Office)


A. We will pay damages which a covered person is legally entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured motor vehicle because of bodily injury sustained by a covered person or property damage caused by an accident.
The owner's or operator's liability for these damages must arise out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the uninsured motor vehicle.
Any judgment for damages arising out of a suit brought without our consent is not binding on us. If we and you do not agree as to whether or not a vehicle is actually uninsured, the burden of proof as to that issue shall be on us.

2) Now I will skip down a little in the standard policy to the next portion that is relevant to diminished value on an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim.


C. "Property Damage" as used in this Part means injury to, destruction of or loss of use of:

1. Your covered auto, not including a temporary substitute auto.
2. Any property owned by a "covered person" while contained in your covered auto.
3. Any property owned by you or any family member while contained in any auto not owned, but being operated, by you or any family member.

Now, as an adjuster, the way I interpret this coverage is very clear. The wording is not confusing to me. The definition of property damage in the standard policy under the uninsured/underinsured portion clearly says that injury to or destruction of property is covered so long as it was caused by a collision with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Unless your policy has a special endorsement that specifically excludes diminished value as a part of an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim, then it should be covered, right? Diminished value is definitely injury to your vehicle! Most States have very similar wording in the uninsured/underinsured motorist portion of their policies, so it is worth taking a look at the specific language and endorsement on your policy to see if your policy is similar and will cover diminished value.

As a little further clarification, keep in mind that Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is a first-party coverage, meaning the person making the claim also bought the policy or purchased the coverage. The confusion out there is that the Texas Supreme Court has made a ruling that says first-party diminished value cannot be recovered. This is only under the collision/comprehensive portion of the policy where the language reads that the insurance company will "repair or replace" the damaged property. The UM portion of the policy does not contain the repair or replace language, it is meant to pay the policyholder as if it were a liability policy for the uninsured or underinsured motorist. It is also notable that if there are multiple vehicles involved in a collision and the person that caused the accident has insurance, but not enough, then you can use your UM coverage to make up the difference, including diminished value! First-party diminished value claims are not dead, they're just hard to understand!

Sometimes it's just in the petty details!
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A Car Insurance Calculator Can Be A Huge Help

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Car insurance is something that we all need in order to drive our vehicles. Many people hate the thoughts of how much this will cost them. This is something that a person can use a car insurance calculator for.

These accoutrement are a abundant advice as this can adapt you for what affectionate of funds that you will charge to accept in the future. They are not 100% on the mark, but they are adequately abutting to what a being should be paying. Most bodies like to accept an abstraction of this advanced of time.

There are a lot of these accoutrement that can be begin on the internet. Attractive about at altered places that action a car allowance calculator can advice you acquisition one that you will acquisition accessible for you to amount out.

These accoutrement are not adamantine to use, and they about appear with abundant instructions on how to use them. Enter the advice that is asked and in a actual abbreviate time you will accept a amount that will be accustomed to you in acknowledgment to the advice that you entered.

Most places that use an online car allowance calculator that asks basal advice that you charge accept in adjustment to get insurance. Your conjugal cachet and ancestors bearings are a brace of the accepted things that are asked. You will additionally charge to accommodate advice about the agent that will be insured as well. These are all things that can accomplish a aberration in the amount that you will pay.

Not alone will you be accustomed an appraisal on the amount that allowance will be for you, but you will additionally be accustomed the best options back it comes to the blazon of allowance that you should obtain.

Taking some time to attending about the internet at the car allowance calculator's that are accessible is a abundant aboriginal footfall to see. You may baddest the aboriginal one that you see, or conceivably you would rather analysis out some others that may be added up your alley. This is a claimed best for the alone that is attractive into the allowance to decide.

Using the internet is one of the easiest means to get the advice that you charge after accepting to anguish about talking to addition with your claimed information. This is additionally a abundant affair to accept for back you get quotes from companies. You accept article to analyze the quotes that you get to. Added and added bodies are application this blazon of apparatus all the time as they like the after-effects that they get and are added able to adapt advanced of time for the costs that they will charge to pay.
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OTOR ACCIDENT CLAIM ADVICE - Easigo will save you money and win your case

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If you accept a motor blow claim, there are a cardinal of credibility you should consider, back allurement for blow affirmation advice. Easigo alley blow claims are experts in this field, & whether you accept to use us or not, this commodity gives you admonition for authoritative a acknowledged motor blow claim, after blow your action balance or advantageous college allowance premiums.

When allurement for blow affirmation advice, you allegation accede whether you are actuality answerable for the account and whether you will accept 100% compensation, with no deductions for costs etc. A lot of companies acquaint ‘no win no fee’ but this does not beggarly you get their account for free. You allegation to baddest a aggregation such as Easigo alley blow claims, they never allegation the chump and do not accumulate any of your compensation.

Easigo acutely accompaniment you never pay any fees and you accumulate a 100% of the advantage awarded you. They additionally alone handle motor blow claims, so are experts in giving blow affirmation advice. Our casework are absolutely chargeless for our clients. We handle all aspects of your motor blow claim, from allocation your car to accepting best abrasion compensation.

If you accept a motor blow claim, you will allegation your agent acclimation and some added agency of carriage accouterment while this is happening. Easigo will align to get your damaged agent best up (if necessary), taken for repairs, and accord you a agnate or added good backup to use while this is happening. If your agent is still drivable, they will align for a backup back castigation goes in for repairs.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adobe launch Photoshop for iPhone

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photosop for iphone is free!

You can edit photos from your phone or stored in your Photoshop.com (Photoshop.com) account using intuitive finger gestures. Editing is reversible and non-destructive, with the output saving to your iPhone Photos collection and optionally to your online account.

After opening the app you’ll be prompted to select a photo from your library or snap a new one. A simple toolbar-style drop-down menu interface lets you choose from a collection of editing tools and effects including crop, rotate, and flip, exposure, saturation and tint adjustments, and easy to apply filters including black and white, sketch, soft focus, pop, border, vignette blur, warm vintage, rainbow, soft black and white and white glow.

At the bottom of the edit screen is another toolbar with options to cancel, undo or redo an edit, and save the image. Save and Exit simply saves the new pic to your iPhone Photos collection, while Save and Upload will also send a copy to your online storage. If you don’t already have a Photoshop.com account, the app will prompt you to create one the first time you try to upload an image. The account is free and offers up to 2 GB of storage, expandable of course with an annual paid storage plan.

This is an extremely handy app for photo touchups and edits on the go — it may even be one of our new favorites. The synchronization with cloud storage is icing on the cake.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Kaspersky touts Anti-Virus for Mac

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One of the leading developers of security software for PCs believes Mac users can no longer assume that they are immune from the viruses and other malware that are inflicted upon Windows.

Kaspersky Labs has released its first Anti-Virus for Mac software, promising protection against infection and against inadvertently passing malware onto PC users.

“Apple’s success in growing market share has been reflected with increased interest from cyber criminals,” says Andreas Lamm, Managing Director Kaspersky Lab Europe. “Over the last nine months we have seen a rapid escalation in Mac threats which have gained much publicity within the Apple community.”

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac is available now and priced at £39.99 for a one-user licence for one year.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mophie USB Charging devices for iPhone, iPod

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Mophie has launched three new charging devices, geared towards charging iPhones, iPods and other USB-charge compatible devices. The first product is a $15 Low-Profile USB Car Charger, which plugs into a vehicle's power socket and provides a single USB outlet.

Mophie also debuted a new Dual USB Wall Charger that provides two USB ports for powering or charging two different items from one AC outlet. It plug into wall sockets only and features a folding design for better portability. It costs $20.

Finally, it also introduced a dual application charger works in the car and home, the Car and Wall International Charger. The device has a swiveling arm for connecting to car power sockets at odd or difficult angles. It provides USB power from a car socket, wall socket and can work internationally with Mophie's International Adaptor Power Kit. The charger is $25 and the International Adaptor Travel Kit is $15.
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