Thursday, October 15, 2009

Women Get The Best Deals On Insurance

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It’s a strange fact of life but, when it comes to driving, men feel threatened by women. Ask the average man about how well women drive and you’re likely to get a stream of negatives. Yet, when you ask the insurance industry, you get a completely opposite reply. On every factual test, women drive more safely than men and have way fewer accidents. Why is there this big disconnect?

All the evidence shows that women drive more slowly and obey all those annoying laws and regulations designed to maximize the chance of arriving at their destination in one piece. So even if a woman driver is unlucky enough to get into an accident, the lower speed and the defensive driving style means fewer injuries and less damage to the vehicles. Now add in some of those stereotypes. Women are more likely to buy less powerful cars. They are less interested in status and do not invest in “babe magnets” (sorry, that should be “hunk magnets”). So however an insurance company looks at the evidence, women drivers are less likely to be involved in serious accidents. That means their premiums are usually significantly lower than those payable by men of comparable age and driving experience.

It’s attenuate to acquisition a boilerplate that’s so far removed from reality. In best cases, belief and prejudices are absolutely bound in geography. Yet the alertness to apish women drivers campaign about the world. Whether you’re in China, India or the US, men debris to acquiesce women to drive them and accomplish jokes about their “poor” active skills. This goes far above the accepted sexism and gender prejudices. It seems active is such a acutely blowing activity, women are not declared to breach into this macho preserve.

So, how do we apperceive active is a macho thing? Well, you alone accept to go on to the roads. Men drive fast and can be aggressive. It’s like all drivers are in a chase to get from A to B. That agency never giving way, blame the absolute back it comes to overtaking, demography affairs back abutting turns and junctions, and bold laws and regulations do not apply. The result? Added cartage accidents. Added importantly, because the boilerplate acceleration advancing into a blow is higher, added bodies are actively afflicted and the accident to the cartage is decidedly greater.

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