Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MIniclip Best Games 2009

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miniclips is the corporation that build from 2006 until now . this corporation have many best games ever he build. you must know it if you re a gamers of miniclip games. in this post i will tells and inform some of the best game of miniclip in 2009. also from 2006 too. so i will you enjoy this best game list of games

Club Penguin Game

The Club Penguin game is much more than an ordinary free online game. It adds the functionalities of both entertainment and real life internet surfing to add great fun to one of the most played games on the website. This online snowbound wonderland allows you to play games and make friends online. It is more of a club where you can interact with other club members while a game is being played. This game also allows you to make use of emoticons and actions such as snowball waves, dancing, sitting and snowball throwing. The club penguin game allows players to earn virtual coins while they play real online games and as a member, these coins can be used to buy clothes and other accessories for your penguins or even purchase furniture for your igloos. Club Penguin offers a fun and exciting time online.
Club Penguin
Club Penguin one of the best games at Miniclippenguin-miniclip-games

Reel Gold
Reel Gold is another scintillating game that is one of the best games on Miniclip. It takes you to a gold mine where you must retrieve gold pieces to get more points. First you drop down your grabber and then pick the gold out of the side of the mine. You need to watch out for the rocks and obstacles because they knock the gold right out of your hand. This is a game that is very simple but will provide a lot of fun!
Reel Gold
Reel Gold is one of the best games at miniclip

Commando 2

Another of the best games at miniclip is Commando 2. Commando 2 is a sidescrolling game that is almost an RPG. You can get different weapons after each mission and there are many missions to open up. You are basically a ramboesque guy that must get through all the enemies without getting killed. The weapons you can get range from knives to grenades to all kinds of cool guns and flamethrowers. This game reminds me a lot of the old Nintendo game Contra. This is definately a game to play at miniclip and the controls are very easy to get used to.
Commando 2
Commando 2 is one of the best games at miniclip

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is another extreme sport which can be played online. There are several buttons that can help you control your speed as you zip around different mountain terraces and race along uneven surfaces. It is a fun game for those who love adventure. You are trying to get down the hill as fast as possible all while trying to do tricks like backflips, 180s and grinds. Each of these tricks will give you more points so you can beat the high score. Whether you are a mountain biker or not this game is one of the best games at Miniclip.
Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike is one of the best games at miniclipcomando-2-miniclip

and this is the last activity of miniclip corporation from 2008

September, 2009 Apple features's Monster Truck Nitro game in its new USA iPhone TV advertising campaign.

September, 2009 In collaboration with the world renowned Tate Museums and Galleries of England, Miniclip’s Sketch Star has launched an online art and animation contest devoted to the Little Dancer, the well known sculpture by the famous French artist, Degas.

"We are very happy that the highly respected Tate Museum & Galleries has recognized Sketch Star, the online animation service as an exciting vehicle for furthering the education and promotion of art and animation around the world.", Robert Small, CEO, Miniclip & Sketch Star.

“Tate Kids and Miniclip are joining forces this September to bring you a simply awesome contest…All you have to do is bring art to life…Bring the Little Dancer to Life with Sketch Star!”, Tate Museums & Galleries, England.

May, 2009 Miniclip launches, 'Sneeze' which has become the most successful in-game public awareness campaign to date. It was funded by the Wellcome Trust, the world's second largest charity after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The game is aimed at educating people and creating awareness to help slow the spread of flu.

April, 2009 SONY launches the exclusive beta release of their Free Realms 3D virtual world game on

March, 2009 Microsoft signs as Miniclip's advertising sales representative in the United Kingdom. Microsoft will sell advertising space on direct to top advertisers.

March, 2009 Microsoft launches the Xbox Party Mansion advergame on

March, 2009 Adobe announces that is "the largest distributor of the Adobe Shockwave plug-in." in their press release regarding the new version of Adobe's Director 11.5 software.Read full press release.

September, 2008 NFL chooses Miniclip to run two advergames for their 'Take a Player to School' promotion.

July, 2008 Miniclip launches the 'Flatbread Express' advergame for Lean Cuisine.

June, 2008 Rob Small, Miniclip's CEO, is named London Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

i think this is enough, hope you list this list of best games miniclips 2009
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Tetris Based Game for Facebook

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Facebook has bags of amateur and crazy games which my accompany forward beyond to me, abounding of them are actively bruised and not even account spending time on.

But not all amateur and applications on Facebook are stupid, this is a developer angled me about a absolutely absorbing appliance alleged algidity kittens.

Shivering Kittens is a puzzle game based on a actual accepted bold alleged Tetris, about in this bold you accept to save freezing kittens by alignment falling blocks to chargeless the ambrosial kittens from the ice.
If you are searching to decay some time and adulation Tetris go advanced try out Shivering Kittens by abacus the app to your Facebook account.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Volkswagen L1 Concept

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As abandoned as the abstraction of a assembly 235 mpg (1.0L/100km) car sounds, Volkswagen believes it has what it takes to physique such a car and has already produced a limited version. The ultra-frugal abstraction is set to adroitness the German automaker’s stands at this week’s 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show but has been appear aboriginal online acknowledgment to a aperture by bounded media.

It will reportedly backpack the appellation L1 and affection a carbon-fiber physique captivated about a twin-cylinder turbodiesel engine developing 36 application and akin to a 7-speed dual-clutch DSG. With a barrier weight of just 1,100 pounds and a super-slippery aerodynamic body, the L1 is claimed to acknowledgment a ammunition abridgement of 157.8 mpg (1.49L/100km)--we anticipate this is low abundant to accreditation the L1 or '1-Liter' name.

2009 Volkswagen L1 leak

Other data cover a bike basement blueprint and 1.8 cubic anxiety of storage. We should accept added data this Tuesday so break acquainted for an update.

This isn’t the aboriginal time Volkswagen has developed a cool able limited edition car. Back in 2002 the automaker produced a agnate car powered by a 0.3-liter agent engine that alternate a ammunition abridgement of 264 mpg! This time around, however, Volkswagen has assembly affairs on its mind. Both CEO Martin Winterkorn and Chairman Ferdinand Piëch accept ahead hinted at a 2010 absolution date for such a car, admitting any assembly would be acutely limited.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Apple packs iPods and iTunes

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So,the new iPods are in. At aboriginal glance, I was affectionate of disappointed; the additional time I looked, I wasn’t absolutely as disappointed. Apple has been actual frugal in their latest accumulation of new hardware. My greatest anger comes from the new iPod Touch. . . IT HAS NO CAMERA (not to acknowledgment the exclusion of a ambit and FM radio). Although they did add a mic, articulation control, a faster processor, bigger graphics, and bigger wi-fi, a camera would accept been adapted as well.

Apple did do a acceptable job with the new iPod Nano – its got a video camera and radio.

The iPod archetypal alone got a gigabyte amend and amount reduction.

iTunes 9

While the iPods did not do so well, iTunes got some above updates. Genius, for one, has become brilliant.

iTunes LP is air-conditioned for those accommodating to absorb a little added to get admission to interviews, blatant lyrics, a band-based home awning design, and added air-conditioned stuff.

The iTunes abundance has become abundant added convenient (especially with song previews)
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Windows 7 upgrade New

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A Microsoft Software Engineer has acquaint the after-effects of tests the aggregation performed to the advancement time of Windows 7. Worst case book is that it will yield a bit over 20 hours. But a apple-pie 32-bit install on what Microsoft calls "high-end hardware" should yield alone 30 minutes.

While developing Windows 7, Microsoft ran abounding altered achievement tests to accomplish abiding the operating arrangement was an advance over its predecessors. One of the tests focused on advancement performance: Microsoft capital to accomplish abiding that an advancement from Vista SP1 to Windows 7 was aural a 5 percent beginning faster than an advancement from Vista SP1 to Vista SP1. Microsoft gave three affidavit for application the Vista SP1 to Vista SP1 advancement as a baseline instead of Windows XP to Vista:

* Windows XP is a awfully altered operating arrangement compared to Vista and an advancement from Windows XP -> Vista would not be a acceptable allegory with Vista -> Windows 7

* Windows XP did not abutment 64-bit upgrades and we capital to clue 64-bit advancement achievement as able-bodied as 32-bit upgrades for Windows 7

* Vista SP1 -> Vista SP1 is a accurate advancement aisle that contest all advancement cipher (this advancement is frequently acclimated by Product Abutment Services for a adjustment scenario)

The metric acclimated was absolute advancement time beyond altered user profiles (with altered abstracts set sizes and amount of programs installed) and altered accouterments profiles. According to the analysis after-effects that Chris Hernandez, a Microsoft Software Engineer, acquaint on his blog, Redmond managed to get the Windows 7 advancement time to be faster or according aural the 5 percent beginning to the Vista SP1 advancement time.

The better affair that stands out about this blueprint is the actual ample ambit of the advancement time: from 30 account to 1,220 minutes. That additional acute is not a typo: Microsoft absolutely did time an advancement that took 20 hours and 20 minutes. That's with 650GB of data, 40 applications, on mid-end hardware, and during a 32-bit upgrade. We don't even wish to apperceive how continued it would yield if Microsoft had agitated accomplishing the aforementioned analysis with low-end hardware.

The added absorbing point account acquainted is that the 32-bit advancement is faster on a apple-pie install than a 64-bit upgrade, behindhand of the accouterments configuration, and is faster on low-end hardware, behindhand of the Abstracts Profile. In the added six cases, the 64-bit advancement is faster than the 32-bit ugprade.

We consistently acclaim a apple-pie accession over assuming an advancement installation . It's the best way to abstain lots of problems with a new operating system. Now we've got addition acumen to accomplish the recommendation: in assertive cases it may just save you a ton of time, even with abetment up and reinstalling applications.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cell Phone with Low Radiation

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Some cellphones with high radiation afford several times added radiation than others, the Environmental Working Accumulation begin in one of the a lot of all-embracing studies of its kind.

The government babysitter accumulation on Wednesday releases a account baronial cellphones in agreement of radiation

The Environmental Working Group claims that contempo studies appearance college bump accident in abiding cellphone users. They accept that added analysis is bare but, just in case, they accept created this cellphone radiation ranking. Guess who gets a bad grade.

This is their top 10 in best phones. The cellphone with beneath radiation (0.15 - 0.35 W/kg) is the Samsung Impression SGH-a877, awash in the US by AT&T. Second position goes to the Motorola RAZR V8 (0.36 W/kg), and third is addition Samsung, the SGH-t229 from T-Mobile.

1. Samsung Impression (SGH-a877) [AT&T]

2. Motorola RAZR V8 [CellularONE]

3. Samsung SGH-t229 [T-Mobile]

4. Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837) [AT&T]

5. Samsung Propel Pro (SGH-i627) [AT&T]

6. Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459) [CellularONE, T-Mobile]

7. T-Mobile Sidekick [T-Mobile]

8. LG Xenon (GR500) [AT&T]

9. Motorola Karma QA1 [AT&T]

10. Sanyo Katana II [Kajeet]

But wait, area are the big names? Well, as you apparently guessed, those are the ones with the bad grades, way down in the list. All the iPhone models accept poor scores, with the iPhone 3GS accepting 0.52 - 1.19 W/kg. The Palm Pre gets a appealing awful account too, sitting at 0.92 W/Kg, and so does the T-Mobile G1, at 1.11 W/kg.

So there you go: If you are paranoid, and use your cellphone a lot after an ear piece, again bigger be safe than sorry, no amount what the analysis says now

The Environmental Working Accumulation says the FCC's accepted is outmoded, acquainted that it was accustomed 17 years ago, if cellphones and wireless acceptance patterns were abundant different. The accumulation wants the government to yield a "fresh look" at radiation standards.

The FCC currently doesn't crave handset makers to admit radiation levels. As a result, radiation rankings for dozens of devices, including the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 and Motorola KRZR, aren't on the group's list.

So you dont worry with this bad technology rumor, just stay cool
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arkanoid Games for iPhone

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Fans of Old games who additionally appear to own an iPhone accept abounding affidavit to rejoice this week. First, a Commodore 64 emulator, calm with a brace of accountant games, was accustomed for auction in the App Store. Now, one of the best accepted amateur of all time, Arkanoid, has additionally accustomed to the iPhone.

If you’re alien with the appellation of Taito’s archetypal bold from 1986, you apparently apperceive it as “that brick breaking game.” In the game, you accept command of a spaceship whose ambition is to breach brick walls by bouncing a ball, accession abounding allowances on the way.

The iPhone adaptation of the bold brags identical sounds to the original, over 100 stages, abounding bang-up battles, and (most importantly) a VS two amateur mode, which agency you can try out your abilities adjoin a friend.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Features

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Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
has got a design from the engineers so sleek that one dies to get one. And the trademark combination of black and red has also been very great enough to seduce you. . The 5530 Xpress Music being a touch phone has quite a lot of potential in its screen for a multimedia cell phone.The new touch phone comes as a 2G network supporter of GSM from 850 to 1900.

The 5530 Xpress Music features a TFT resistive touch screen of 16M colors. The screen is actually of 2.9 inch and provides a rich display with vivid details. On the screen is a proximity sensor for automatic turn-off.

The Nokia 5530 Xpress Music allows for the playback of Mp3 and many other format tracks with headsets or without them. Speakerphones integrated on the phone’s back side allow for ultra high quality treble along with Bass. The headsets can be used via a 3.5 mm audio jack. These usually have playback options on them. To store songs the 5530 Xpress Music comes with a 4 GB MicroSD card which can be further increased till 16 GB

It does not matter if you are a Nokia fan or not. According to the things it provides it’s a must buy cell phone. So for the Music freaks out there I would say:”Go Get’em Man!”
Users can capture his images via snapshots via a 3.15 MP camera which also has Autofocus
.im sure a fool photographers can make a good capture by this camera. An LED flash light allows you to take pictures in dark conditions and bad shades. Videos can also be made with speeds up to 30 frames per second. Nokia 5530 its a good gadgets
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

BMW Motorcycles USA Good Dealers

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Looking for BMW motorcycles in USA? Or you have to buy a new BMW motorcycles, I have some list of BMW Motorcycles Dealers in USA that you can visited there and search your dream BMW bikes.

441 Cycle Shop
4201 Peters Road Plantation, FL 33317

A&S BMW Motorcycles
1125 Orlando Ave Roseville, CA 95661

A-J Cycle
274 Rte 2 Gill, MA 01354

Ace Motorsports
1931 Market Street Concord, CA 94520
Adventure BMW
669 Woodlake Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320

Alamo BMW
25600 1H-10 West San Antonio, TX 78006

All-Seasons Sports Center
2700 Akron Rd Wooster, OH 44691

Bak BMW Victory
1900 HWY 75 N. Business Sioux City, IA 51105

1900 North Highway 75 Business Sioux City, IA 51105

So, please take a look before buying
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BlackBerry Bold or BlackBerry Curve 8310?

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BlackBerry Curve:

8310 smartphone is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry® smartphone ever to come with a full QWERTY keyboard.It’s packed with incredible features*, including a camera, media player, built-in GPS, expandable memory, Voice Dialing, BlackBerry® Maps and trackball navigation. Plus, you get all the core functionality you’ve come to expect in a BlackBerry smartphone—email and text messaging, instant messaging, web browser and advanced phone functionality.

As far as memory goes, the Curve has 128MB out of the box, while the Bold has a whopping 1GB out of the box, with a 16GB memory slot. 0.2 EDGE is the data speed for the Curve as well as some of the previous BlackBerrys, while the speed of the Bold is a nice 3.6 HSDPA which means that downloading will be a breeze.

BlackBerry Bold :

is designed to give business professionBlackBery-boldals and power users unprecedented functionality and performance in an intuitive BlackBerry smartphone. It is the first BlackBerry smartphone to support tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks around the world and comes with integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, as well as a rich set of multimedia capabilities

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone comes with the most vivid and bold display ever introduced on a BlackBerry smartphone. Its half-VGA (480x320 resolution) color LCD is fused to the undersurface of the lens, making images leap out with stunning definition and clarity. Pictures are vibrant and razor sharp, while videos play smoothly and web pages, documents, presentations and messages snap with exceptional quality and contrast.

The design, the calling, messaging, talk time, and navigation are all very good on the Curve, and should be even better on the Bold. Web browsing, memory, connectivity, productivity, video, and music are all improved on the Bold.

So, if You want to buy some gadget's, please look ate the specific features and facilities, and if you want more review about gadget. dont forget to visit back, see ya

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

CitySailer two-wheeler Concept

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Have you ever imagined sailing on public roads? Christened the CitySailer, this splendiferous two-wheeler seems to push the envelope. This out of this


vehicle is powered by fuel cells while still offering a safe city driving even if you do not like wearing helmets. This artfully designed vehicle features a sail like windshield that is able to power the scooter using wind power. So why not start using green transportation that is so much beneficial to our environment.

The CitySailer two-wheeler runs on an electric engine positioned inside the rear wheel. In order to park this sustainable scooter, there are some special steering levers the driver will need to pull. Additionally, the driver’s safety is ensured by seat belt and airbags that makes it possible to drive without need of helmet. Optionally, the driver will be able to use a large backpack mounted into the vehicle to provide some storing capacity.

This ecologically friendly wonder seems to live up to expectations for those who are tired of constant traffic jams as the design of the CitySailer is quite slender that take maneuverability to the next level. Engineered by industrial designer Christopher Kuh, this outstanding vehicle uses the combination of highly productive fuel cells and drive-by-wire technology.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Audi TT Limited Edition

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audi TT limited edition
99 years afterwards the aboriginal Tourist Trophy was won, Audi will action up 99 bound copy TTs, complete with 3.2L V6 engines and DSG transmissions. The coupe, accepted to alpha upwards of $43K, and the roadster, which will alpha aloft $46, will accept bound copy engravings on the glovebox appearance which of the 99 the agent it is (i.e. "1 of 99"). Other allowances accommodate audio by Bose, HomeLink, ability everything, and XM Satellite Radio. A accepted Audi TT is shown.

The Audi TT Coupé Limited Edition

  • TT Limited aerodynamic package (black) on white
  • Leather Package, Extended Aluminium Look, LED Interior Lighting Package
  • Audi Magnetic Ride

Brilliant varnish radiator grille
Side mirror housing in Brilliant Black
Front apron (Ibis White painted)
Side sills (Ibis White painted)
Aluminium wheels 19“turbine design, Black painted
Diffuser (Brilliant Black painted)
Boot lid spoiler (blade top and bottom: Brilliant Black)

* only available for 2.0 TFSI variant.
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