Monday, October 19, 2009

Guide in Looking for Business Credit Card Deals

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Searching for the best business credit card deal
seems like not an easy task. How will you start looking for the perfect one? How can you compare them effectively? Here's your guide in comparing and finding the right card for you.

Credit Card Review Sites Can Help You

Type in the words "business credit card reviews" and you'll come across a number of credit card review websites in your screen. How can these credit card review websites help you? The credit cards presented on these sites are often arranged according to their purpose. If you're looking for a list of business credit cards in the market, all you have to do is check the site's credit cards' section.

Under this section, the cards may be categorized according to its credit requirements or the rewards they offer. If you have excellent credit, go ahead and check on the one that require excellent credit and if you have bad credit, then you can go straight to the list of secured business credit cards instead.

The card may offer rewards like Frequent Flier Miles Program, Gas Rewards, Cash Back Rewards and other types reward programs. You can go check the list of business credit cards that offer the reward you want. The good thing, credit card review sites find a way to save your time in comparing the credit cards, they are narrowing down your choices of cards to just a few.

What Factors to Compare

Don't forget that credit card review sites will often just present the best and the weakest features of each card. It is up to you to check the card official website, read the entire agreement so you can better compare your choices. But what factors should affect your choice?

Of course, the interest rate offered will most likely be the first thing to catch your interest. Yes, you want a business credit card with a low APR but remember that the interest rate isn't the only fee you should check on. Don't forget to check the penalty costs, the credit limit, the length of the grace period, and the transaction fees it offers. Read the agreement because the true costs of the card are disclosed in the fine print and list down the cost for comparison.

After weighing the rates and fees, you should also consider the specific features that you can use for your business. You'll want a card that will provide you with detailed monthly statements as well as quarterly and yearly account summaries. A business card with an online access option is also indispensable as this enables you to keep track of your account without hassle.

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