Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MIniclip Best Games 2009

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miniclips is the corporation that build from 2006 until now . this corporation have many best games ever he build. you must know it if you re a gamers of miniclip games. in this post i will tells and inform some of the best game of miniclip in 2009. also from 2006 too. so i will you enjoy this best game list of games

Club Penguin Game

The Club Penguin game is much more than an ordinary free online game. It adds the functionalities of both entertainment and real life internet surfing to add great fun to one of the most played games on the website. This online snowbound wonderland allows you to play games and make friends online. It is more of a club where you can interact with other club members while a game is being played. This game also allows you to make use of emoticons and actions such as snowball waves, dancing, sitting and snowball throwing. The club penguin game allows players to earn virtual coins while they play real online games and as a member, these coins can be used to buy clothes and other accessories for your penguins or even purchase furniture for your igloos. Club Penguin offers a fun and exciting time online.
Club Penguin
Club Penguin one of the best games at Miniclippenguin-miniclip-games

Reel Gold
Reel Gold is another scintillating game that is one of the best games on Miniclip. It takes you to a gold mine where you must retrieve gold pieces to get more points. First you drop down your grabber and then pick the gold out of the side of the mine. You need to watch out for the rocks and obstacles because they knock the gold right out of your hand. This is a game that is very simple but will provide a lot of fun!
Reel Gold
Reel Gold is one of the best games at miniclip

Commando 2

Another of the best games at miniclip is Commando 2. Commando 2 is a sidescrolling game that is almost an RPG. You can get different weapons after each mission and there are many missions to open up. You are basically a ramboesque guy that must get through all the enemies without getting killed. The weapons you can get range from knives to grenades to all kinds of cool guns and flamethrowers. This game reminds me a lot of the old Nintendo game Contra. This is definately a game to play at miniclip and the controls are very easy to get used to.
Commando 2
Commando 2 is one of the best games at miniclip

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is another extreme sport which can be played online. There are several buttons that can help you control your speed as you zip around different mountain terraces and race along uneven surfaces. It is a fun game for those who love adventure. You are trying to get down the hill as fast as possible all while trying to do tricks like backflips, 180s and grinds. Each of these tricks will give you more points so you can beat the high score. Whether you are a mountain biker or not this game is one of the best games at Miniclip.
Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike is one of the best games at miniclipcomando-2-miniclip

and this is the last activity of miniclip corporation from 2008

September, 2009 Apple features's Monster Truck Nitro game in its new USA iPhone TV advertising campaign.

September, 2009 In collaboration with the world renowned Tate Museums and Galleries of England, Miniclip’s Sketch Star has launched an online art and animation contest devoted to the Little Dancer, the well known sculpture by the famous French artist, Degas.

"We are very happy that the highly respected Tate Museum & Galleries has recognized Sketch Star, the online animation service as an exciting vehicle for furthering the education and promotion of art and animation around the world.", Robert Small, CEO, Miniclip & Sketch Star.

“Tate Kids and Miniclip are joining forces this September to bring you a simply awesome contest…All you have to do is bring art to life…Bring the Little Dancer to Life with Sketch Star!”, Tate Museums & Galleries, England.

May, 2009 Miniclip launches, 'Sneeze' which has become the most successful in-game public awareness campaign to date. It was funded by the Wellcome Trust, the world's second largest charity after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The game is aimed at educating people and creating awareness to help slow the spread of flu.

April, 2009 SONY launches the exclusive beta release of their Free Realms 3D virtual world game on

March, 2009 Microsoft signs as Miniclip's advertising sales representative in the United Kingdom. Microsoft will sell advertising space on direct to top advertisers.

March, 2009 Microsoft launches the Xbox Party Mansion advergame on

March, 2009 Adobe announces that is "the largest distributor of the Adobe Shockwave plug-in." in their press release regarding the new version of Adobe's Director 11.5 software.Read full press release.

September, 2008 NFL chooses Miniclip to run two advergames for their 'Take a Player to School' promotion.

July, 2008 Miniclip launches the 'Flatbread Express' advergame for Lean Cuisine.

June, 2008 Rob Small, Miniclip's CEO, is named London Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

i think this is enough, hope you list this list of best games miniclips 2009

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Online Casinos on October 9, 2009 at 4:42 AM said...

I have played the games you have sited on your post except the Club penguin game. I bet I'll get a hold on to this as soon as I finish every game in miniclip. I like your post!

f.uf.u on December 6, 2010 at 11:36 AM said...

template nya sama gan.. :)
spirit.. :)


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