Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reformat Your Computer (Windows XP as an OS)

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Have you ever experienced installing all the softwares needed to secure your computer from worms, trojans and viruses? Isn't frustrating to know that you've invested much effort but the damage is irreversible? Is your computer working too slow that it came to a point that you want to throw it outside your window? Generally, not all of us know how to troubleshoot on certain areas, especially those which are difficult to resolve. And your last resort??? REFORMAT!
FULL REFORMATTING - earases and clears everything in the hard disk, checks and marks the bad sectors, and installs a new copy of an operating system. It will refresh your hard disk by getting rid of old datas, unused folders, and left over files. Before reformatting, make sure to back up every important files that you need, especially those in "MY DOCUMENTS".
1. Windows operating system installation disc with CD-KEY
2. Device Drivers
3. Antivirus and other Software Installers
NOTE: If you accidentally thrown or misplaced any of those, the alternative is to download the driver/software installers in the internet. You can either go to the manufacturers' website or search for the installer on search engines if you exaclty know the model or type of installer needed.
In case you didn't know the brand/type of hardwares in you computer, you can check it by using SYSEM INFORMATION utility by:

1. click Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information
2. Explore and identify the devices and download the needed installers.
3. Transfer the installers to a removable disk.
1. Set to boot from CDROM
a. restart the computer
b. Hit f8 (to go to Boot menu) or DEL key (required to enter the BIOS)
c. In the BIOS menu, enter the Boot Sequence from the Advanced BIOS option
d. Select CD ROM to be your primary Bootup device
e. Save Setting and Exit BIOS. Restart
NOTE: Make sure that the OPERATING SYSTEM CD (windows XP) is inserted.
2. After restarting, a prompt will ask you to hit any key to boot from CD.
3. You will see a blue screen which indicates the loading of XP setup from the CD.
4. Hit ENTER to set up Windows XP
5. Hit F8 to agree to the EULA
6. Select the drive on where to install WINDOWS XP
7. Select Format the partition using NTFS File System (Quick)
8. System will then format the partition and installation filles will be copied. This may take longer depending on the size of your disk.
9. System will Reboot and the Setup begins.
10. Regional and Language Options will prompt. Select the preferred setting and click NEXT.
11. Name and Organization will appear, Provide the data needed. click NEXT
12. Enter your Windows XP CD-Key. (This key is usually attached with the CD jewel case or license) Click NEXT.
13. Enter Computer Name. Click Next
14. Configure your date and time setting. Click NEXT
15. Select Typical Setting, Click NEXT
16. Wait until Windows XP setup finishes the installation.
17. Your almost done, Windows XP starts. Install the drivers and softwares needed by your computer.
18. CONGRATULATIONS! You were able to reformat your own computer ^_^

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