Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 4 ways to Back-Up your data

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Having your computer crash and losing all of your data can be one of the most frustrating things that can happen, especially if you own a business and you lose vital information for your company. Here is something that I have typed up so that you can make sure that that data is safe and that nothing can happen to it.
The only way to really make sure that this information is safe is to back it up. A Back-Up is simply making a copy of the file somewhere else to make sure that when your computer crashes you will just be able to take your Back-Up out and have all your information again. Here are the different ways to Back-Up.

This is the most common type of Back-Up media. It is ideal for when you have extremely large amounts of something, for example Movies, Games, and lots of pictures. The one you see on the left here is a 500GB; this means it can hold the following:

50 Games

714 Movies

150,000 Songs

550,000 Pictures

500,000,000,000 Text documents

The average price for this is about $90-$120 USD.

If you buy a 500GB for $90, that's 5.55GB per Dollar

If you buy a 1,000GB for $120, that's 8.33GB per Dollar



This is the best type of media if you plan on making Back-Ups on a regular basis and if you do not have too much data that you need saved. This is also a good method but it has two downsides. The first is that you need to put in a new DVD Rom for every 4.4GB you Back-Up.

The average price if you buy 50 DVD's is about $0.28 each.

This equals up to about 15GB per Dollar!


Flash Drives

By now everyone should know what this is! Most people think that it is only for transferring data. But it works quite well for storing it as well! The only downside is the low capacity, but if it's only text files then this should be good.

If you buy a 4GB for $10, then it is about 0.4GB per Dollar.


Online storage

Not a lot of people think about this option. These are basically uploading your files to a website that offers online storage and then when you need the files just download them back. This is extremely cheap and easy to use, but there is always one downside. It is very slow. You can only upload and download as fast as your internet connection can work, and when dealing with large amounts of files, this can take some time.

I am not going to get to in depth with this because you can simple search the web for this and find the answers you need.

If you buy 150GB for $50 a year, then that is 3GB per Dollar per year.

Well, that is all I can teach you about Backing-Up your data. Remember to decrease the chance of your hard drive crashing just keep your computer in a very cold room and do not constantly read/write from the drive.

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