Saturday, October 23, 2010

TechRestore offers MacBook Air opaque screen replacement at $ 249

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The new MacBook Air can be a lot of things for you, but unfortunately opaque screen not you. people of TechRestore now, however, a solution for this shortcoming and love will new shiny and matte screen install air tears for $ 249. This screen will give you the same expected resolution, color depth, and led backlit displays, such as a factory installed and promises of TechRestore install custom black frame, which corresponds to the appearance of the unibody MacBook Pros and looks good, is impressive. Of course not promise does not offer the actual video, the end result, but you have the time of delivery 24 hours a day, if you want to try yourself-is likely to be available "soon". Along the break the full press release. Show full PR Announces matte finish only TextTechRestore screen updates in the world for the new MacBook Air 13-inch and 11 2010

Concord, CA-October 22, 2010-TechRestore, Inc. today announced the replacement service screen only Matt surface 2010 for uni 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air.

New service offers owners of new systems of 11-13-inch MacBook Air, and that you wish for personal or professional reasons, glossy screen recorder is installed in the factory.

Unlike simple antiglare relates to the distortion of the image and color, typically consist of replacing TechRestore update Super gloss led backlit screen with matte finish has the same exact original specifications; the same resolution, color depth, the LED-backlit display. installing a custom mask black around the edges of the screen, which appearance comes with the unibody MacBook Pro and it looks great, is impressive.

"TechRestore got Macworld Expo best of Show Award, for our 13" and 15 "MacBook Pro unibody non-transparent screen replacement service," said Shannon Jean, founder and President of TechRestore.Wildlife service is and remains the only option for Mac users get a 13 "MacBook Pro with non-reflective, matte finish, we get requests for Shade.Schnell of our systems and dull lineup 11 adding incredible new and we are up to 13 inch MacBook Air satisfied customers.

View at Macworld Expo 2009, TechRestore, night 15-inch MacBook Pro unibody mat screen sharing of best in Show Award and numerous publications including MacWorld Magazine said, "that's frankly — the car, which I think Apple would have started as new unibody MacBook Pro das new cockpit (Nice matte black finish) engineering is perfect, it looks just as good as a stock MacBook Pro sitting next to him on the bench TechRestore."

The service will soon with more than 4,000 local deposit branches in the country, as well as the local drop off the San Francisco Bay area customers available sein. der nacht MacBook Air Brushed finish screen replacement service has a delivery time: 24 hours of lump-sum price of $ 249, includes the installation of a new replacement LCD screen and a free return in 1 year warranty on parts and Arbeit. geben you your e-mail address below to be notified when the service is available.

About TechRestore:
TechRestore together unparalleled expert Apple repair of passion on products that we sell and service repairs, upgrades, technical certificates and compensation for mobile devices, and more than 20 years, we have the iPad systems MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod touch, and PSPS.MIT experience of award-winning solutions for our customers is our sense of wonder that we are so pleased with this great products and people every day to work more. insured clients that TechRestore is success, although their products never TechRestore will.

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