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Facebook Applications for Business People

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Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. Most importantly, Facebook is free. In the Web 2.0 era, business owners must learn how to grow their business by leveraging social media sites (See Why). No doubt about it. The site now has more than 250 million active users, and more than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries (Facebook Statistics) . In this post, I will share my favorite 26 Facebook apps which allow better task management and more efficiency improvement for any businesses.

11 Social Networking Apps

These 11 apps enable small business owners to integrate other social networking tools into the Facebook platform. The result of the integration is an even stronger and more powerful social networking environment which breeds more opportunities for business success.

1. YouTube Video Box (907,592 monthly active users) – Share your favorite videos on your profile and Facebook pages. Easily find videos, add them to your favorites and share with friends. Additional features include viewing your friends’ favorite videos and synchronizing your account.

2. Twitter (284,681 monthly active users) – See what you and your friends are up to on Twitter and update your Twitter status, right from Facebook!

3. Social RSS (209,218 monthly active users) – Social RSS allows you to add your blog/favorite RSS feeds to your wall, boxes tab or a dedicated tab on your profile or Facebook Page. It updates automatically and lets your readers subscribe to the feeds if they wish!

4. Yoono (46,694 monthly active users) – Yoono allows you to connect to all your social networks and instant messaging services in one easy to use browser sidebar. Get all your friend updates wherever you are on the web and update your status across Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more.

5. Social Chat Rooms (20,026 monthly active users) – Social Chatrooms is an application that Connects users from different Social networks and allows them to chat with each other directly from their profiles.

6. Eventbrite (15,541 monthly active users) – Eventbrite gives you all the online tools you need to bring people together for an event and sell tickets.

7. Citysearch (12,536 monthly active users) – Use your Facebook user identity to rate and review local businesses on

8. The Visa Business Network (5,824 monthly active users) – A place that can help you and your business succeed. Connect with other small business owners, learn ways to manage your business more efficiently, and grow by reaching the millions of potential customers on Facebook.

9. My LinkedIn Profile (5,288 monthly active users) – Promote your LinkedIn account with a badge on your Facebook profile.

10. MySpace (3,948 monthly active users) – MySpace application lets you add your MySpace profile in Facebook. Share your MySpace profile, friends, music, public comments and much more with your Facebook friends.

11. Tag Biz Business Network (541 monthly active users) – Business networking is an essential, but often time consuming, activity. Tag Biz is designed to network for you, it will save you time and expand your business network. Anyone who is interested in doing business on Facebook should use Tag Biz.

11 Productivity-Boosting/Task-Management Apps

These 11 business apps will essentially allow you to manage your tasks and collaborate with others more efficiently, thereby, drastically boosting your productivity!

1. Links (Default Facebook App) – With Facebook Posted Items, you can easily share anything on the internet by posting it to your profile including websites, blogs, videos, and songs, as well as content on Facebook, like profiles, photos, notes, groups, and events. I regularly post my blog posts and Meetup event announcements to my Facebook profile. It has been working well for my own businesses.

2. Slide FunSpace (8,582,043 monthly active users) – Over 6 BILLION videos and more exchanged on Slide FunSpace! Find & share videos, posters, graffiti, and more with all your friends!

3. Promotions (454,471 monthly active users) – Promotions for Fan Pages is a Facebook verified application for companies & agencies to run branded interactive promotions on Facebook Fan Pages. Promotion formats include: sweepstakes, contests, coupon giveaways, instant wins, gifting, quizzes, etc

4. Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group (133,742 monthly active users) - This application allows you to create a short, easy to remember personalized web address for your facebook profile, group or page. You can share the link with other people so they can go straight there.

5. Testimonials (71,104 monthly active users) – Use Testimonials to gather your personal, professional and academic references in one place from your customers, friends, and co-workers.

6. Polls (13,781 monthly active users) – Tap the pulse of your potential customers with custom polls for your Facebook Pages! Polls are easy to create and even easier to analyze, with beautiful graphs showing user responses across demographics.

7. Doodle (11,509 monthly active users) – Doodle takes the pain out of finding the right date and time for a group of busy people to meet. With three simple steps you can create a poll and find a suitable date. Doodle closes the gaps between calendars. Facebook members can use Doodle for free and can invite participants inside and outside Facebook to meeting polls.

8. Skype Me (6,085 monthly active users) – Skype is a free VoIP service that will bring you closer together to your friends. It’s a very efficient tool. You can make calls from right inside Facebook.

9. Business Cards (1,598 monthly active users) – Business Cards will help you network better on Facebook. Personalize your card and attach it to your Facebook messages! View postings and network with others!

10. Calliflower- FREE Conference Calls (570 monthly active users) – Calliflower makes it easy for people to plan, participate and follow-up on engaging and meaningful conference calls that bridge business and social networks.

11. My Money (266 monthly active users) – Manage your finances right from your Facebook profile, simply and securely! View account balances, transfer money, review histories, and more. Many layers of security protect your information, so that you, and only you, can access your account.

4 Other Useful Business Apps for Future Entrepreneurs

These 4 apps will help create future leaders in the business world. The aim of these apps is to create a virtual competitive business environment for practicing and skill development.

1. weRead (Books iRead) (389,544 monthly active users) – weRead lets you share your bookshelf. See what other business leaders are reading. Millions of books and reviews. As a young entrepreneur myself, I’ve realized it is not the money I can make, but the skills I can develop and the person I’m becoming during the process of achieving my goal that matter the most to me. Reading good books everyday is a must for success in the business world.

2. kaChing – Stock Investing App (27,073 monthly active users) – This is an awesome tool for investors/traders. You can try your hand at investing on the web’s most realistic virtual investing environment. This app lets you:

* Compete with your friends to see who’s top dog
* Learn how the best investors make their money
* Access top-rated investing ideas

3. Friends Finance (5,637 monthly active users) - Start your own company, hire your friends, and make virtual millions! Use your fortune to buy awesome gifts for your friends. A super fun and addictive business game to play!

4. Thirty Day Challenge (5,468 monthly active users) – In a nutshell… The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. The entire training program is free for all Facebook users.

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