Saturday, July 18, 2009

Know About Green Technology

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The companies are getting concerned about the e-waste. The disposal of such wastes is difficult as only small part of such waste can be recycled and the other are dumped at places and that pollutes the environment. The technology is thus being developed to solve such problems. The electronic industry is thus taking up such challenges and improving its products so that they are less harmful to the environment. Welcome to the green technology.

The technology has gained importance recently. The companies are developing products that have multiple functions, can be recycled and consume lesser of the energy thus contributing to the environmental safety.

It's a trend to be green particularly in the technology dependent industry. Such industry rely heavily on the use of the products that are non recyclable and consume more energy. Say for example computers, these are every where. They are used by us and in the offices, stores and are replaced continuously with the new advancement in the technology taking place. But when we replace the older computer with the newer one where does our old computer go? Where do the other parts of the computer or our electronic goods go when we buy the new ones? They are in fact dumped at certain places mostly the developing nations where the materials in them seep into the ground and pollute the earth and the ground water. Yes, we are generating a huge amount of electronic waste or e-waste which is hard to be managed. It's of no use, as only small part of it is recycled and the rest remain lying some where with the question of what can be done with this waste stuff.

Also the electronics we use are consuming large amount of energy that is generated form non renewable sources. These sources are getting depleted and thus the concern is what will happen when these sources are used completely.

The companies are getting concerned about such things and bringing innovations that are more eco friendly, consumer friendly, with multiple use and can be recycled.

The recent is the MacBook by Apple that has no PVC, no mercury and the lower part of this notebook is made of aluminum. The absence of mercury and PVC make it less polluting and the aluminum make it recyclable thus making it more environment friendly. iPods by Apple which are mercury and bromine free are examples of green technology.

Panasonic launched its new version of plasma television which consumes about 96 percent less power. More use of biofuel, use of solar energy, wind energy is all green technologies.

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