Friday, July 24, 2009

Amazon: Kindle Growth Is “Very Strong”, But That’s All We’re Saying

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Amazon: Kindle Advance Is “Very StDuring this afternoon’s Amazon Q2 appointment call, there was one affair that was acutely on abounding analysts’ minds: the Kindle. With the contempo absolution of the Kindle DX and the Kindle 2 alone a few months afore it, the banking success of the accessory is still actual abundant a mystery, abnormally back Amazon has continued been tightlipped about absolution any Kindle sales figures. CFO Tom Szkutak, who led the call, kept to that script.

Szkutak had little absorption in accepting into questions about the Kindle, added than to echo that advance was “very strong” assorted times. When one analyst asked what affectionate of trends Amazon is seeing with attention to the Kindle cannibalizing book sales, Szkutak danced about the question, stating, “We’re not accomplishing any updates in agreement of the units, in agreement of specific numbers. We’re seeing actual acceptable growth. It’s beyond our expectations.”

One analyst additionally asked about Amazon’s contempo accommodation to lower the amount of the Kindle to $299, attempting to analyze if the move was a aftereffect of cheaper assembly costs or if Amazon did it to access bazaar penetration. Szkutak vaguely responded, adage that the Kindle was currently accepting added good economies but not absolutely answering the question: “We absolutely are accepting added good economies, and accustomed the advance in Kindle devices..we anticipate that’s an adapted amount for customers, we anticipate it’s accessible accustomed the advance that we’re seeing.”

Another analyst asked about Amazon’s affairs to assuredly accompany the Kindle to an all-embracing admirers (it has alone been accessible in the US until now). Szkutak didn’t aphorism out the idea, but didn’t accomplish either, stating, “Kindle All-embracing is absolutely an opportunity. Our barter accept absolutely bidding an interest. We’ve had a convenance of not talking about what we ability do, but absolutely it’s an opportunity.” I’ll be actual afraid if we don’t see added account in this breadth soon, as this is a huge beginning market.

Amazon’s abridgement of accuracy is abnormally arresting because the Kindle may able-bodied be article of a bare in a atramentous abundance for the absolute Ebook industry. No added E-book accessory has gotten as abundant exposure, and bluntly the Kindle is acceptable the best accessory out there. Without statistics about how able-bodied Amazon’s Ebooks are selling, or alike alive if the Kindle is activity to be accessible to the (very large) all-embracing audience, publishers and authors actuality larboard in the dark.

We’ve done our best to afford some ablaze on the matter: according to our historically reliable sources, as of April, the Kindle 2 had awash 300,000 units at a clip alert that of the aboriginal device.

We should agenda that while Amazon’s accretion of Zappos was briefly brought up during the call, few questions were focused on it. Additionally interesting: alone a few hours afore the call, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apologized for its camp accommodation to accidentally annul copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from the Kindle.rong”, But That’s All We’re Saying

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